Year 11 - 13 Overview

In Years 11-13, Kavanagh students typically undertake six subjects in each year level. 

All students participate in our compulsory Religious Education programme. This programme is both an integral and active part of our daily lives and behaviours, and within the curriculum course of study. 

No exemption is given for Religious Education in the senior years. 

Where courses clash with Religious Education, parents should discuss the issue with the principal. 

There is extensive advice to assist with course planning for students of all abilities and this can be found by exploring the NCEA links in the Curriculum area of the website as well as a section dedicated to choosing a subject.

Year 11

In Year 11, all students at Kavanagh College must take:

  • Religious Education and Health & Recreation
  • An English option
  • A Mathematics option
  • A Science option
  • plus two (2) other options

Year 12

In Year 12, all students at Kavanagh College must take:

  • Religious Education
  • An English option (students seeking an exemption must apply in writing to the Senior Leadership Team)
  • plus four (4) other options

Year 13

In Year 13 all students at Kavanagh College must take:-

  • Religious Education (18 credit course) OR
  • Religious Education (academic 24 credit course)
  • plus five (5) other options.